On Moving

"So I'm holding within me a great sense of excitement, anticipation, and rejoicing at new beginnings, but at the same time, I'm also harboring a sense of loss and sadness. So many good things happened to us in this house. It's hard to believe it could get any better." (from my journal June 5, 2011)

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So, we moved. We have been planning on moving. It wasn't a surprise, except for how fast it all fell into place. But I still felt sad about leaving Wonju. The night before we left, Kenny and I sat down in the living room and recounted all the blessings and good things that had happened to us in that quaint, perfect apartment. We numbered the things we were thankful for, the amazing gifts we received, and the beautiful friends we made there. I sobbed through the entire list and when Kenny prayed for us and the cats to have a good and non-stressful move and prayed that the next inhabitants of the house would find it just as wonderful and perfect as we have, I cried even harder. It was our first place as a married couple. The kitters came to us only a few weeks after we moved in. I had a fabulous community of coworkers and friends in town. We were so comfortable there. I was surprised at how attached I had become to that place, but now I'm so glad that I mourned leaving it. I still miss Wonju, but because I took the time to be sad and to admit how much it had meant to me, I can say I'm looking forward to seeing what this tiny Mapo house has for us.

The thing we most need now is patience. Because we moved into a furnished apartment in Wonju, we didn't have much furniture: just our bed, our desks, and a kitchen island. We left so many things in the Wonju house because they weren't our style and we had bought them simply to meet an immediate need and because it was cheap. I don't want to do that here. I want to wait and look for exactly what I want. I want to build our home with intention so that we have things we delight in everyday and will want to take with us to the next place.

Money is also an issue for us this summer because I'm not working until August, paying to go to school, and Bo just cost us about $1,000.00 in surgeries in under a week. (The poor guy is having a rough time. First, he had contracted some periodontal disease from when he was so sick as a kitten. It had infected his gums and they were pulling away from his teeth. So he had a lot of reparative and preventative work done last Thursday. Then, on Sunday, while he was staying at my mom-in-law's, she called us and said he was limping and wouldn't let her touch him. We took him to the vet later that day and had x-rays done. But she said nothing looked broken. Apparently she missed his hip fracture, because I took him to another vet close to our house today and he could feel his hip out of place right away. So he's scheduled for hip surgery to remove the broken pieces of his hip bones tomorrow. My little Bo Bear has been in so much pain. And expensive pain, let me tell you.)

All of these circumstances combined means we need to practice the art of waiting. Waiting for the right piece of furniture, waiting for the paychecks to start coming in, and waiting to make sure we really need what we feel is so necessary right this minute.

And all you have to do is wait for me to get a few more things organized before I throw up a video tour of the new place!

P.S. Thank you to everyone who has continued to read this little blog. I haven't quite got the heart to change my name from Wonju Wife to whatever comes next yet. But I couldn't be happier with the lovely comments I've gotten from all of you. I still mentally click my heels and physically bounce around in my chair with joy everytime I read your words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

P.P.S. I'm reading Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace this summer with a whole lot of cool Internet friends. If you haven't joined, read about it here, and do it already!

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