Miso and Bo

Our new babies! Miso is the girl and she's the golden one. Bo is the boy and he's sort of silverish. They don't get along at all. Every time Bo comes close to Miso, she'll hiss and make this gurgling sound in her throat. They're still getting used to using the litter box correctly, so I've been sweeping up litter pretty much since they got here. And Bo just sneezed so hard, he farted and splashed poop all over the floor! Ah, don't you love 'em?


  1. Very cute! Not the poo part, but the fluffy kitty part. ;)

  2. Oh, yay! What adorable kitties! Love those white feet on Bo!

  3. Yes, Michelle, I do believe it is called a shart. After I wrote the post and was talking to my parents on Skype, that's how I described it! But I wasn't really sure that was a universally acknowledged term!

    Margosita- I have to confess, I like Bo the best! I know you're not supposed to be partial, but he's just so sweeeeet. And all the hissing Miso does gets on my nerves because he doesn't do anything but look at her and she gets upset.

  4. Oh my goodness, they are sooooooo cute! I didn't know you were getting kitties. I love them!

    And hey, they'll get used to each other. It just always takes a little time.

  5. So much cuteness!

    Dude... we're becoming more alike by the second... living in Korea with a hot Korean guy and two kitties... seriously, you're like my sister from another mister (sorry... I'm a little tired today, thus loopy).

  6. Awwww! It's good to have 2 kitties so they can keep each other company when you're at work. The hissing thing will fade away with time as they get used to each other.

  7. Ah the life of being a kitty parent. Breaking up the fights, cleaning up the sharts, sweeping litter. Luckily, the sharts and the hissing will be temporary. The litter sweeping will be eternal. Love your kitties!

  8. It doesn't get much better than kitty sharts.

    Also, if you want to curb the litter tracking, get one of those welcome mats that look like fake grass with a little yellow (or white, you choose, right) flower on them. Put it in front of the entry to the litter box and when they leave, they'll be wiping their feet and keeping the litter trapped in the mat!


    Oh, and the kittehs are teh cuteness!

  9. hi, i just moved to wonju a week ago and my cat will be coming here (along with my boyfriend) in a week and i can't find where to cat litter and a litter box in wonju. i've been trying to figure how to write you but could only figure how to comment... so sorry for this. PLEASE HELP!!

    my address is audrey.arellano@gmail.com


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