The Blog Goes to the Dogs

I am not dead. I am also still fat. In case anyone was wondering.
*Warning: this post is long with lots of photos. (Because my editing skills are on vacation. In a sunny place where it doesn't snow EVER.)

Good, now that we have all official business out of the way, I'd like to take this time to post an inane amount of pictures from my past two canine-inspired weekends. Kenny and I have the good fortune of having an awesome Mart Man. I think I've mentioned my Mart Man before. This is not former Mart Man, who was more like a boy and said nice things about my hair and gave me free things to drink from the Family Mart next to my old school in Gangnam. Nope, this is the new and improved Mart Man- married with a daughter who owns the Hyundai Mart next to our apartment building. He is AWESOME. He is kind, funny, and most importantly thinks I'm so much more lovely and wonderful than I actually am. And we all know how I feel about people who consistently overestimate my worth. Love. Mart Man even came to Kenny's art show opening with his daughter, who is a total strawberry.

So, when he told us that he wanted to take us to see some puppies (note: all dogs are puppies in my book. It makes them feel younger, okay?), I jumped out of my chair and did a "going to see the puppies" dance. Or, I just said, "Cool." I can't remember which, but both feel probable, so pick whichever one endears me to you more. Well, we ended up at a kennel for Siberian Huskies. I was a little nervous, because I tend to have issues with dogs in cages / small spaces / any kind of fenced in tiny area. But Mr. Cho is a true dog lover who cares for his dogs and even quit his job to be a full time breeder and handler so he could spend more time with his pups. All the dogs have huge pens with a separate little sleeping area and no more than two dogs are ever penned together. And the momma and puppies have their own little building to protect them from the elements a little more. Anyway, understand that these dogs are loved and cared for better than most children.

Digression: (Y'all, last night we watched this TV program on EBS about these "healing dogs," who help people recover from sickness, help mentally challenged patients improve their social skills, and assist the disabled. Well, one dog had been a healer for his entire life and they were retiring him. So they found him a good family to take him. One with kids to play with and plenty of space. And when his handlers left him there, I cried. I sobbed. I gave myself a headache. Because when his handlers left, he kept onlooking out the door. I don't know. This is how sensitive I am about animals. I can't watch Avatar because they kill imaginary nonexistent animals. Okay, maybe I could watch it, but I don't feel like crying right now so just back off.) End digression.

So, we hung out at the kennels and played with Bolt, who is still getting his show dog training. I had a great time with the dogs puppies. They get a lot of exercise, are well-cared for, and beautiful with sweet temperaments. I was thrilled.

These are 24 day old pups. Don't you want to squeeze the little puff balls?

45 day old pups. I squealed and cursed our wonderful, but small yardless apartment that keeps me from loving one of these pups full time!

Stop judging my face. This is how I communicate with the souls of the puppies, okay?

Mart Man's daughter gets a Husky Hug!

More Husky love.

 Mr. Cho, the kennel owner is also the owner and handler of Royal Prince, the husky who has won a ridiculous amount of Best of Breed awards and Best of the Best awards in Korean competitions and International competitions. And it just so happens that he was traveling to a dog show (KKF and IFC) in Icheon and needed an interpreter for some guests from Singapore. Well, guess who knows Korean and English? And has a wife who loves puppies? Yup. The HubbO! So, Mr. Cho asked us to accompany him to the dog show and do you know what? I got up at stinking 5:50 in the morning and we were on the road by 6:45 am. Can you even believe that? Me neither. So, we went to the show where Prince won Best of Breed again. Mr. Cho said that he doesn't take him to many shows anymore because all the other Husky owners get kind of miffed at him because Prince shuts down the competition every time. It's amazing and it was really fun to watch him win. Okay, now, onto more photos from the show!

Completely focused and relaxed. Eye on the prize, baby!

Locking down another prize.

Fell in love with these cuties. Perhaps it's our ChubbO kindred spirits?

Who you callin' ChubbO?

Horse Great Dane in the ring.

Preserving dignity for dogs getting groped around the world.

Hello gorgeous.

A brindle boxer shot for the Sisda. Reminds me of Samson!

Wait. Is this a good hair day or a bad hair day?

And I saved my favorite shot of the day for last. I had to comb through so many photos. I'm actually pretty proud of myself for paring it down, although my first goal was to post only 5 pictures. I'm only 13 over! (Maybe. That's calculated with Danielle Math, so no guarantees!) This bulldog and boxer interaction was probably the funniest thing I saw all day.

I now declare you this tall.

And, now, hopefully we'll be back to our more regular, less furry programming.


I'm pretty sure that all of you were holding your breath for a new series. And so that you can all stop turning blue and purple, I give you Miso Mondays! On Mondays (when I feel like it, stop with the pressure and the obligation already!), I'll throw up a picture of Miso in all her glorious attitude. So, here we go:

Because this is a Monday face. This is how Monday feels, y'all.

(Also, Miso has stared intently at the screen during this entire posting process. I guess she's just making sure I don't misrepresent  her. Or put up a photo of her licking her butt.)

Hope your Monday was better than mine! And Miso's from the look of it.


2S2 Wonju Rides Again

Hey y'all. Sorry it's taken me so long to get this up here, but a new Dunkin' Donuts opened in town and so I've been a little busy, you know what I mean? Anyway, 2S2 is back! Last month we took off for the holiday because as an ajumma, I have certain familial obligations during holidays. Woot. Anyway, we're off again.

NOTICE: This month's meeting is on SUNDAY. Sorry about that. I know, this is practically grounds for a What the Crap Wednesday post. But on SUNDAY, I'll explain to you guys why it had to be on SUNDAY, and not on Saturday. Okay? Thank you.

Okay, aaaaand on to the good stuff:
So, to recap: Meet at Holly's and have a coffee and a chat. Head to the bus stop around 3 to go to the lanes we have booked at the bowling alley. Then, when we get hungry, we take a vote (but mine counts double because I'm now counting my back fat as an entire person) and go stuff our faces. Sounds good, yeah? So, if you're in Wonju or surrounding areas or basically in this country and have access to a bus, come on down! Can't wait to see you there! On SUNDAY!


[ a big chubby Thank You ]

So, remember how this used to be ChubbO Chubbington? Before I moved on to Wonju Wife? Well, I haven't exactly stopped being a ChubbO, as we are all well aware. And because ChubbO's make amazing friends despite their donut-dependencies, I got one of the best presents EVER in the mail the other day. It was from my friend Bennett, who is a crazy, smart, and all-around strawberry to hang out with. (Yeah, remember how we're calling people strawberries instead of peaches here at Wonju Wife? Just a reminder: I don't like peaches. I loooooove me some strawberries.) I met him through my oh-my-god-have-we-been-friends-for-half-our-lives-already friend Melanie. Because they are crazy people who run marathons. Unlike me. I am one of those people who stands on the side of the road with a sweet tea in one hand and a funnel cake in the other while yelling for the crazy marathon runners. Right, sorry. To the point!

So appropriate, no?

Bennett found this book at a flea market, and of course, thought of me! I'm honored, actually. And the note inside was just as thoughtful: "Thought of you when I saw this book. Not that I think you are a ChubbO, but because of your blog. And because you are not good at sharing. maybe this book could teach you something." OH MY BACK FAT. He is so right. We all know I'm not good at sharing. Especially when it comes to food. This beautiful book tells the story of one hippo named Chubbo who doesn't like to share his pool with any other animals. I was amazed by the watercolors. Usually, I'm not a fan of watercolor, but perhaps Chubbo has changed my mind!

Chubbo getting comfy in his lovely watering hole.

Chubbo actively not sharing.

The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is touching. Besty Lewin, author and illustrator, writes in her author's note, "This is a fictional story inspired by my experience in Botswana's Okavango Delta with a real hippo who refused to share his part of the river with anyone else."

Thanks, Bennett! I love it. It's perfect. And I'm not sharing it. So there.


[ It's Vanilla Shake, Baby ]

The HubbO and our new Kia Soul in Vanilla Shake. Isn't that a lovely name for a color?

It is entirely Kenny's fault that my hair is so stupid here. All he had to do was tell me it looked like that!

And this is just from the backseat area. Overpackaging much?

It took us almost two days to "unwrap" the present of our new car. The seats were all completely covered in plastic, along with the visors, the seat belt buckles, the gear shift, the small shifters on either side of the steering wheel, the door handles, parts of the doors, and parts of the floor. Also, the outside was covered with some sticky stuff, too. The shiny parts, anyway. Have no fear, dear Earth lovers! We recycled it all.

I probably don't need to tell you this, but I am thrilled with our new car. It is so nice not to have to wait on the bus when I want to go to work. It is also easier to stay a little later at work because I know I don't have to catch a bus. Of course, we're not swearing off the bus forever. It's practical on weekends and when we're not on a schedule. But the car is awesome. Oh so awesome.


[ what month is it? ]

It's March already!
And because it's the first of the month, I think it's only appropriate to smother you with adorable kitter pictures.

Isn't she just lovely?

Bo is such a good cat now. He's become a little cuddler, too. He's much healthier. And happy. Can't you tell?

She stayed in this basket for a good 20 minutes. She was determined to fit in there, too. She's a ChubbO, like her mama!

So, there's that.

Also, I just thought I would let you all know that we haven't had to purchase toilet paper since we moved to Wonju at the end of August. And I'm pretty sure we won't have to for the rest of 2010. Because in Korea, it is tradition to bring a big fat pack of 24 rolls of toilet paper, boxes of Kleenex, or laundry detergent to housewarming parties. The toilet paper is significant because it's something you unroll. The Korean word for unroll, poolda ( 풀다 ) not only means to pull, but also it means to solve. It's a sign that everything will be solved and settled in your house. (I mean, when I sit in the bathroom for a while and then I unroll the toilet paper, I definitely have an overwhleming sense of resolution.) And in the case of laundry detergent, because you only use a little to clean a lot, it's a symbol for prosperity. I guess. That's what Kenny says anyway.

We haven't had any housewarming parties. But every time someone visits our house for the first time, they bring these gifts. Mostly, we get toilet paper. I'm loving it.

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