Oh Me Oh My

I don't even know what to say to you. I am supposed to be up here working on recording the readings my kids need to work on this month to improve their pronunciation, and instead I'm writing this. In my defense, I did try to make the recordings. Only it kept cutting out parts of it for some reason and I couldn't handle the frustration of figuring out why it's doing that or even if it can be fixed. So, blerg.

I wanted to say I fixed the link to my other blog, Hey Jude, in the sidebar. Because I'm an idiot it was linked to the image in my flickr account. I'm so dumb sometimes. So check that out if you haven't already. Because that seems to be where I'm doing my real writing, although I only wrote one post in the month of June. I'm hoping to fix that soon. But who knows. I still feel like my life is completely spinning out of control, but I'm trying to become more flexible because apparently it's not going to slow down and I'm not going to get any less dizzy.

Really I'd like to take the time to write out everything that's wrong, but what good would that do besides get me a few pity comments? So instead, I will be thankful that Jude is nursing again (mostly) after another enormous battle. Miso, if you didn't know, fell off the roof and broke her ankle into tiny pieces and had major surgery and is currently in a cast and in a cage. She hates it, but I'm so glad she is recovering well and should regain some use of that back leg and the joint. So that's a bright little spot meowing in the corner of the living room. My few classes are going well and I'm excited about the projects we're embarking on this month. I took a walk yesterday evening with Kenny and Jude down by the river and again this morning. After I spend an hour talking and walking with my husband, I feel like I can conquer the world. It's amazing, really. I began our walk last night dejected, stressed out, and feeling completely overwhelmed. When we came back home, I felt like a new person.

In other news, I'm cooking breakfast every morning, usually during Jude's first nap of the day around 8:30 or 9:00 and we're getting to eat most of it together before he wakes up. This has revolutionized the way we start our days and it's wonderful for now. I have to thank our good friends Sandra and Philip for welcoming me into the last day of their vacation last Tuesday and encouraging me to start cooking breakfast and getting just a few chores done everyday. They are such a joy to spend time with and our favorite family to visit in Wonju. I'm totally bummed they're moving to Dubai at the end of August. I will miss the encouraging words and prayers, but know that we've made friends that will last the test of distance and time zones.

I know this is rambling and I know this is unstructured and I know I should care. But this is writing and writing is always better than not writing. And I'm a writer, despite my current all-consuming role as a mother, and writers write. They do not always write well. So here it is, folks. A small, inconsequential update which keeps my fingers moving and my mind on something besides breasts, diapers, and laundry.

Thanks for reading. :)
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