Three Things

We've got the apartment pretty much set up to our satisfaction. We're still waiting to get a few more things to organize the kitchen space, because (don't even get me started on design and function and my dad is a cabinet builder/designer so good grief I know way too much about how WRONG this is) there's a lack of upper cabinet storage and the lower cabinets are funky. The only other thing I've left to do is organize my desk and crafting stuff, which is taking FOR. EV. ER. So, I thought I'd share some pictures of our space and I hope to get around to a video tour sometime this week!

the office corner
I'm really happy with the way our desks came together. Kenny's desk is the one Miso is so comfortably lying on.

the sleeping corner

I'm really happy about the recessed wall where we shoved the bed. It gives us a feel of divided space, but doesn't close off the room and make it feel smaller.

the living space
I love love love our new couch! Such a perfect fit for us and so comfortable. When I'm at home, if I'm not at the desk, I'm definitely on this couch. The cool thing about it is that it's adjustable. So, say we move into a new place in a few years and this couch's configuration doesn't work. Well, the long cushion is actually just velcroed to an ottoman. I make the long cushion part of the seating and take one of the single cushions and attach it to the ottoman and it can be moved around. It could also be done with the long cushion on the other side instead. It's flexibility is great for our nomadic lifestyle. We haven't exactly figured out what color it is yet.

the kitchen corner
So, it needs a little work, but it's functional and my washing machine has rid me of my drum machine prejudice.

the view
The lighting looks funky to the camera, but it's pretty in person. Our view is fantastic and I find myself often "waking up" from looking out the window and having to check the time.

Well, what do you think?


This film was shown yesterday at our church service as part of the Not For Sale Campaign, which is working to "re-abolish slavery" and put an end to human trafficking.

And, three:

Thanks to @clareyt for tweeting the link to this awesome video. Don't listen to the lies, girls!

That is all. 
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