Join Me! We're Rescuing Mondays!

The strangest Mondays have been happening to me. I don't know what it is. I can't put my finger on it, but for some reason my Mondays just aren't as awful as they have been in the past. And I started cheering myself through my Mondays on twitter with the hashtag #mondaydoesnthavetosuck. Then, I got the idea that perhaps Mondays were in dire need of a rescue. Everybody is so negative about Mondays. And it's really not Monday's fault. So, I thought I'd start this little revolution in my own week and declare that MONDAY DOESN'T HAVE TO SUCK! So, some Mondays, I'll be posting a bunch of small, minuscule Monday-saving thoughts.

Why my Monday doesn't have to suck:

  • Early morning prayer with my husband. It's still dark outside, there are candles on the table, and I get to spend quality time with the man I love and the One who brought us together.
  •  I caught all the green lights home from my Monday morning class at the kindergarten. Usually, it takes about 15 minutes one way. Today, it took seven.
  • She&Him playlist that is just making Monday sound good already.
  • Vietnamese for lunch with the HubbO. Woot.
  • I'm giving a test in one class, which means for at least 20 minutes, I'll be reading Villette by Charlotte Bronte.
  • I only have 14 Mondays left of work until I quit! Now, seriously, who can have a bad Monday after that thought?
I would love company on this mission to rescue Monday from all the haters. Specifically, to rescue it from my own bad moods by taking some time at the beginning of each week to consider why this day doesn't have to be the one I hate. Help me out and rescue your own Monday from sucking!
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