Well, Well

So, it turns out that I've pretty much started a revolution that has already taken place. Way to go for being behind the times, ChubbO. Mondays are not even a bad thing anymore, apparently. However, I would advise all my friends on Facebook and Twitter to stop posting "Oh noes! Monday woes!" on your status updates and such. Because you mislead a girl, who then realizes her Mondays aren't sucking, and decides to create a cute banner and start a revolution and rescue Mondays. But turns out, Mondays don't need rescuing at all. Way to go, Universe. Way to back me up on that one. Way to fill my blog with readers who all have good Mondays and read my post thinking, "What is she talking about? Having a bad day just because it's Monday is soooo 2009."

Anyway, I now declare Monday Doesn't Have to Suck a success. Because, it worked before I even made it up. How's that for awesome?
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