[ It's Vanilla Shake, Baby ]

The HubbO and our new Kia Soul in Vanilla Shake. Isn't that a lovely name for a color?

It is entirely Kenny's fault that my hair is so stupid here. All he had to do was tell me it looked like that!

And this is just from the backseat area. Overpackaging much?

It took us almost two days to "unwrap" the present of our new car. The seats were all completely covered in plastic, along with the visors, the seat belt buckles, the gear shift, the small shifters on either side of the steering wheel, the door handles, parts of the doors, and parts of the floor. Also, the outside was covered with some sticky stuff, too. The shiny parts, anyway. Have no fear, dear Earth lovers! We recycled it all.

I probably don't need to tell you this, but I am thrilled with our new car. It is so nice not to have to wait on the bus when I want to go to work. It is also easier to stay a little later at work because I know I don't have to catch a bus. Of course, we're not swearing off the bus forever. It's practical on weekends and when we're not on a schedule. But the car is awesome. Oh so awesome.
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