2S2 Wonju Rides Again

Hey y'all. Sorry it's taken me so long to get this up here, but a new Dunkin' Donuts opened in town and so I've been a little busy, you know what I mean? Anyway, 2S2 is back! Last month we took off for the holiday because as an ajumma, I have certain familial obligations during holidays. Woot. Anyway, we're off again.

NOTICE: This month's meeting is on SUNDAY. Sorry about that. I know, this is practically grounds for a What the Crap Wednesday post. But on SUNDAY, I'll explain to you guys why it had to be on SUNDAY, and not on Saturday. Okay? Thank you.

Okay, aaaaand on to the good stuff:
So, to recap: Meet at Holly's and have a coffee and a chat. Head to the bus stop around 3 to go to the lanes we have booked at the bowling alley. Then, when we get hungry, we take a vote (but mine counts double because I'm now counting my back fat as an entire person) and go stuff our faces. Sounds good, yeah? So, if you're in Wonju or surrounding areas or basically in this country and have access to a bus, come on down! Can't wait to see you there! On SUNDAY!
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