Little Things I Love

As we get more settled into our little apartment, I keep finding small things that make me happy. Almost as happy as donuts. I'm working on learning to use our camera, too. There are like two pictures of Kenny out of over a thousand honeymoon photos. So, I think it's time I learned how to step behind the lens. What do you think?

(We got these coffee cups from one of Kenny's coworkers as a wedding gift.)

(My new planner, with plans!)

(I love this elephant ring holder. Keeps my wedding ring safe.
My grandmother gave it to me while we were in Florida.)

(Our vices.)

(I have developed a recent obsession with what time it is.
Doesn't change how fast I move, but at least I know how late I'll be.)

(These elephants and birds hang in our living room.)

(I'm extremely excited we have an office.
I smile every time I walk through the door
looking at our little big-headed cardboard couple.)

Now all I need is a picture of a donut to complete this list of tiny things bringing me joy!


  1. I have so loved the big-head-little-body cardboard couple!

    I also love the little ornaments you have hanging around.

    And I love the coffee cups!

  2. Hey Danielle-

    I've started to read your blog, so I'm popping up to say hello! This was such a sweet post. All those things are so nice! I can see why they'd make you happy. Especially that To Do list.


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