The Beginning of Serious

My new desk was delivered today. It is just like Kenny's, only in the opposite corner of the room. I love it. It's white and clean and simple. So, now I have no excuse! I will start to work on the things I have been putting off. I have an inspirational space to work in, one that makes me happy. As we've been putting the house together, I've been thinking a lot about my "style." And I would have always told you that I didn't have one. And it's true, I didn't. Until I learned to tell myself, "No." Because if you just say yes to your every whim, you end up with a lot of crap and style lets the door slam as she walks out. But as soon as I started limiting myself in small ways, using only one good idea at a time, instead of being indecisive and trying to utilize eleven different ideas in one space, I think my style started coming together a little more clearly. I'm not actually all that concerned with style. It's just something I've been noticing as we've been settling into the apartment. I wanted to create spaces in our home that made us happy, that made us feel we belong, no matter how long we end up staying here. I think I've begun to achieve that here. And it's exciting! Here are a few views of my new writing digs and some of the things I'm surrounding myself with while I blog to you!

(Where the magic happens.
Or where I waste enormous amounts of time on the Internet.
The pretty kitty is Kimchi. I'm going to post a few
Kimchi Photo Shoots from the summer here in a bit.)

(New simple wooden boxes for all my junk from Daiso.
And a selection of my books that I'm currently paying attention to.
The rest live on the awesome shelves Kenny put up in the living room.)

(I bought this postcard with all intents on sending it to a friend over a year ago.
Found it unpacking stuff and decided I liked it too much to mail it. So, I framed it instead!)

(My mother bought this bag for me right before I left for grad school
at Exeter in 2006. I am finally using it! I carry it to school everyday.
So, a belated thanks to the Mumsie. I've been driving Kenny crazy
leaving it all over the house because I just didn't have a place to put it.
But no more. It fits perfectly.)

Love it? I love it.


  1. I don't know when or how I found your blog, but I so enjoy reading and it helps me understand some of the crazy goodness of Korea. I also love the look of your new home, it's so fresh and cozy!


  2. Thanks, Grace! There is a lot of crazy AND a lot of goodness running around Korea. Thanks for reading!!

  3. Your place lots lovely. It strikes me as being so fresh and clean. ^^ I like your new layout too!

  4. I love your place; it seems so cozy! The kinda of home you do not want to leave. I love your new layout! How did you do it?


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