What the Crap Wednesday: Early Thursday A.M. Edition

I know what you're all thinking.
"What the Crap? Where's ChubbO Chubbington? And what is this girl's hang up with alliteration?"
NO! Don't go!! You're in the right place. We're just as ChubbO as we used to be. In fact, I ate 5 little donut holes from Dunkin' Donuts today. You know why? To celebrate the fact that I lost about 4 pounds this week. Which is awesome. Because now I feel much better. And I fit in my clothes. So that's that.
But yes, I finally revamped the old blog. I hope you guys like it, and I sure hope you weren't reading it while all the changing was going on because it was wacky there for a while. I think I've got everything close to how I'd like it to be, only it's 2 in the morning and everything is blurry! So, I think I'll come back tomorrow and tweak a few more things.
Let me know what you think! Any suggestions or observations are welcome. All credit for the header and my new picture go to the HubbO. He's pretty awesome.
I just stayed up way past my bedtime. Working on my blog. What the crap?


  1. I love the redesign. My only suggestion is the font is too light to read. My eyes are getting blurry. Maybe make the reading text darker and the side links lighter?

  2. Love it! Looking forward to hearing more from the Wonju Wife!

    Signed...Desperate Housewife in AL:)
    Julie Manes-Wright

  3. I love the green/brown/white combo. It's clean yet bright. I love green, can't ya tell?

  4. belated congrats on the wedding btw. i have been reading your blog for quite a while now and it's always good to mix it up a bit. it looks nice.


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