Life of Anonymous Celebrity, Part VII: Wonju Style

Episode 1: So, I'm waiting at the bus stop after work. It's around 9:30 and I've been waiting for close to 15 minutes, which is weird. Usually, I only have to wait around 10 minutes for the next bus to come. The bus stop is a few meters from an intersection. I don't notice this car until I see it at the intersection, making a wide and hasty u-turn. I think it is strange that this guy whipped it around so fast and so I watch this white beat up car drive back down the street, this time on my side. But he doesn't keep driving. The window comes down, the car pulls over into the lane next to the sidewalk, comes to a full stop,  and this Korean guy says, "Hey. Can I take you home? I'm just chillin.'" He's maybe just graduated from college, or perhaps is a little closer to my age. He's leaning over toward the passenger side, yelling at me with one of his arms draped across the steering wheel, using the other to make ghetto-inspired hand gestures as he tries to get me into his car.

ME: What?
Korean Guy: I mean, can I take you home? I'm just chillin' (again with the chillin'?)
ME: Ummm... no, thanks. I'm going home to my husband. (Mention the husband, maybe he'll leave?)
KG: Yeah. That's cool, man. I can give you a ride. Just chillin, you know?
ME: That's really okay. I'm waiting for the bus."
KG: You sure? It will be much faster if I take you. The bus is sloooooow.
ME: I actually like the bus. I like to think about things. (Wow. That was lame.)
KG: Are you sure?
ME: Yes, I'm very sure. Um? You better go now. You should go.

Because by this time, the light has changed and there is a long line of cars behind this Korean guy, and they are all honking their horns and staring at me. Like I need more attention.
So, I was a bit uncomfortable. I wouldn't say I was scared, just uncomfortable with the situation. I haven't really figured this guy out. Maybe he was just a cool guy, apparently just chillin', who wanted to practice his English with somebody and he just happened to spot me at the bus stop, make a complete u-turn and head in the other direction to accomplish this goal. Or maybe I looked attractive. Because, you know, it was dark and all. And hey, I got a new catch phrase out of it, right?

Hey, I'm just chillin', you know?

Episode 2: Friday night, after being "Hello"ed to death inside the galbi restaurant where we ate dinner, we were walking down the street in order to find a taxi. There is a car with its windows rolled down waiting at the stoplight. There is a boy in the passenger's seat and he is looking at me. He is maybe in 7th grade? He's getting greasy, as teens are wont to do. His face his shiny; his hair is slicked onto his forehead in oily pieces. He yells, at an incredibly impressive volume, "HELLOOOOOOOO!" So, I turn and say, "Hello," because why not? He's a kid. And his mom probably prodded him in the ribs with her elbow a thousand times telling him to practice his English with the woman on the street. But then, he yells even louder, "HEEEELLLLOOOOOO!" So I just turn around and keep walking down the street. But the light turns, and as the car makes the right turn and passes us, I can hear him yelling all the way down the street at me. A little much, no?

Anyway, all this to say, things haven't changed much. 6 months away, I've been missed by my public.

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, it actually makes me think about living in Korea, or may be just spending a couple of months there in the future.


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