Learning Korean

Yesterday I went to my first Korean class. Well, technically it is just my first Korean class this  year. I went to two different classes last year, but didn't stick with either for more than one level because of the distance from my house. But now, I go to class at work by myself! I like my teacher- she's one of the bilingual teachers at ELP. And she decided that I should write her an email everyday in Korean as part of my efforts to become the next Misuda star (more on this later, when I have time to link to videos).

Anyway, in my efforts to improve quickly, I decided it would be much easier to type if I knew which letters would come up when I hit which keys. So, I pretty much bedazzled my computer keyboard. It made it much faster than the guess, punch, wrongO, backspace, guess again method.

Hopefully, I will continue to progress quickly and I'll be speaking Korean fluently in no time! The text on the picture says, "I am studying Korean." I just learned how to form the present continuous. And the past tense. And future. Because verbs are the meat of any language, yeah?

Must go eat a delicious lunch prepared by the HubbO. Took pictures on our morning walk today, so there should be photos for you later this weekend!! Have a great Friday!


  1. 다음 주말에 나도 다시 한국어 공부해 ^^ 열심히 하자!

  2. just be careful not to train yourself to keep looking at the keys . . . actually, that whole "dammit, wrong key!" process helped me learn well enough to touch type in Korean (that and chatting online with my friends^^)

  3. That is great that you are learning Korean. Different languages are so amazing. I would love to be able to speak multiple languages. I'm starting with Spanish. (Can hold an "okay" conversation...but I'm not fluent.) Best of luck!



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