Life of Not-So-Anonymous Celebrity

I won't name names, because I seem to have found some miniscule bit of common courtesy in my being this evening, but this is what happened to me today. It small, but it was kind of cool.
Two new teachers arrived at the school today. They are cool. Period. They are also a married couple. Double cool.
New Girl: Don't you have a blog?
Me: What? (Because I'm totally retarded and have no idea what she just said to me.)
New Girl: Don't you have a blog, like on the Internet?
Me: Oh! A blog! Why, yes. I do have a blog. ChubbO Chubbington.
New Girl: Yes! I knew I recognized you.

How weird is that, eh? But cool. And New Girl, in case you read this, you totally made my day today!
And the winner of last post's contest will be announced in the next post. Whenever I find the time to post. Because, people, I am busy living! I am not busy spending all my time watching TV, or eating ice cream (although I pushed hard for a faculty Baskin Robbins trip after our group lunch), or spending ridiculous amounts of time on the internets. No, I am teaching, and planning, and shopping with my husband, and cleaning dishes, and taking morning walks through Yonsei University's gorgeous campus, and organizing our office, and taking bus rides that endanger my life (more on this!). And getting to know my colleagues, who are all friendly and kind. So, life in Wonju is goooooood.


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