And the Winner Is.....

Claire, the Pajeon Princess! She's the only who guessed that we may have bought a rice cooker.
And it's a Cuckoo rice cooker, at that! Home Shopping is seriously addictive. You know what makes you buy things? That little timer that counts down the time you have to order. That's what does the trick. If they just told you, "Hey, you got 3 minutes left to order this," it wouldn't be so darn effective. But you can see your time slipping away! And of course, we needed a rice cooker. Who can live in Korea without a rice cooker? I had one last year. It was very small, very cheap, and very crappy. But now! Now we can cook rice once every two or three days and it stays fresh and delicious and it cooks well. This particular model also came with a "Brilliant Cover" that comes out of the lid so you can clean that part that gets so messy.

And as if the countdown timer weren't enough to convince you that you needed this rice cooker, they threw in some extra diamond coating cookware. So then, when we had three minutes left AND we were offered the awesome seriously non-stick frying pan and wok, we had no choice really.

I'm pretty sure that they should use this in their advertising material, right?

And really, nothing sticks to it. You can fry stuff and it can get all black and crusty in there and it just rinses off with water. Of course, we do still wash it with soap and a sponge, but just for tradition's sake, really.

Anyhow, congratulations Claire! Send me your address and I'll send you a small surprise package from your future home! Claire is great at cooking Korean dishes and is moving back to Korea this winter. We can't wait to have her here with us! If you are looking for some yummy dishes to try out with your new diamond coating cookware, or just your regular cookware, check out her blog for some great recipes.

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  1. Yaaay!!! ha ha, I win! I''m jealous, I want a Cuckoo. They are so nice and make friendly little bleeping sounds and play tunes.

    I'll pm you my address on fb. :)


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