Short and Sweet and You Could Win!

I am moving today! Moving truck gets here at 1. We could not believe how much stuff we have. It has taken over my parents-in-law's living room completely. So many boxes! We were packing things up yesterday and pulling all my stuff from the attic downstairs and Kenny said, "I thought we were living a simple life." It was funny because we always talk about saving money and living simply and all that. But really we just spend money. Oh, I forgot to tell you that we did some Home Shopping! Like, we bought stuff off the TV. Yeah, I'll tell you about it next time. Now you have something to look forward to. If you can guess what we purchased (and if I already told you, your answer won't count) I'll send you a prize in the mail! If I have more than one winner, I'll let Kenny pull your names out of a hat or something completely objective like that. Let the guessing begin!
So, if you don't see anything posted for a few days, it's because I'm relocating my life and becoming a Wonju Wife!!


  1. I think you either bought bedding, or laser, underwire, superpowered russian-model thinning, body-hair-removing, metabolism boosting lingerie.

  2. a rice cooker or a kimchi fridge???! Every Korean wife should have both of those. Eeek all that stuff - I understand your trauma. I've spent the last few months trying to get rid of stuff and still have loads - think I'll be shipping about three boxes to Korea

  3. Bedding (or a bed), couch? Hm... that's too hard a question. Too many possibilities.

  4. I hope you have fun on your new adventure in married life. I think you must have purchased pots, pans, and kitchen utensils. I baked muffins and quick bread this morning, will that do in place of a donut? Give Kenny a hug from our family. Love ya, Aunt Yvette


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