Our Wedding (Part I: The Video)

Okay, don't get all antsy on me now. It says Part I because I didn't want to overwhelm you with too much Marriage Mush because there's not a trash can handy for me to barf in when I gag on my general happiness and marital bliss. And I also didn't think you'd really appreciate 3 different posts all about the same thing, so I figured I'd go ahead and mix it up for you so that you get a little bit of wedding junk, a little bit of honeymoon rewind, and a little bit of my present life all blended into one utterly confusing, but hopefully entertaining timetable. 

As I've said before, Kenny and I wanted to make our wedding not just special for us (which is a given), but something memorable and touching for our guests. We wanted to introduce our relationship to the Koreans who would attend the service, especially those that watched Kenny grow up in their congregation. They knew Kenny had gone to England to study English and had come back with an American girlfriend, but that was about the extent of their knowledge. And for our wedding to be meaningful for anyone besides us and my friends who knew more than they ever wanted to about me and the HubbO, we decided that we should make a video. 

Most of the credit for this video goes to Kenny. He took the time to subtitle the entire thing, which was not easy as I understand it. He had a lot of help in the editing department from one of his good friends and they spent hours and hours on it. I think they did a beautiful job and I was thrilled with it. I feel it really encapsulates our identity as a couple and also gives a sense of our history and how we've grown together. We played this at the beginning of the ceremony and right after it was finished, our walk down the aisle began. 

Many of my friends in Korea attended the ceremony and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to look out and see their smiling (sometimes watery-eyed) faces supporting me and joining me on such a day. The actual ceremony was the only time that day that I was completely able to relax. I even got a little bored every once in a while since the entire thing was done in both English and Korean. But I wish that all of you who read this blog and support me here could have been there. And so, I share this video with you, too. Hope you enjoy watching as much as we enjoyed making it!


  1. That is such an amazing video. Kenny did su an amazing job putting the video 2gether! Ur love story is so beautiful! that's because the author of ur love story is God! And only Him could have written such a beautiful story for both of you! May I ask you what is the title of the song that's playing? The one from the Beatles, I think?

  2. That was sweet. Gave me "chicken skin"

  3. This was awesome! You guys are both very lucky.

    Kenny: "she started talking, and she hasn't shut up yet." Dahaha!

  4. Wow! That was so sweet to watch. Thank you for this insight into your relationship...happy honeymooning!

    Julie Wright

  5. Wow you guys have an amazing story and connection. Please share more on being a foreign wife in Korean society, you must have some pretty interesting stories.

  6. this is really sweet ! I can totally relate to this as I met my bf when we studied in the UK too!

  7. I'm really impressed by your love story


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