Lists from Bangkok

[We only spent a total of 3 days in Bangkok. Here's an entry from my journal.]

February 27, 2009
Bangkok, Thailand
Jasmine Executive Suites, Suite 1112

1.Spring roll on the Floating Market Canal. Delicious.

2.Sip of coconut milk out of an actual coconut, also on the canal. Not delicious.

3.Bit of Kenny's noodles near Wat Po.

4.So-so rice noodles with green curry at a pricey restaurant with an ajumma look-alike singing tunes way too passionately beside a piano. I do not like green curry. Good to know.

5.McDonald's Coffee Float across from pricey restaurant: PERFECT.

6.Crappy spring roll while getting my hair locked in Kao San Road.

7.Fettuccine Pepperoncini, terribly heavy pasta at Little Italy.

8.5 pieces of mozzarella, picked out of a mozzarella and tomato salad, also Little Italy.

9.Tiramisu. Awesome. Desert at Little Italy.

Conclusion: Want to either poop or throw up. But I would totally repeat #5. Who knew?


1.  Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: Incredible. We got up so early and still missed the local trading because our taxi driver got lost. Twice. We got a little ripped off with the boat tour for an hour, but had our own boat so that was nice. Probably my favorite part of today. Being on the water was nice and cool. And we saw a big iguana type thing swimming in the canal. 

2. Salt fields. Probably Kenny's favorite.We saw the fields on the way back to Bangkok from the floating market and Kenny made the driver pull over on the side of the road so he could get some pictures. 

3. Thammasat University= Beautiful Campus. A truly lovely walk through the grounds, right on the river. Great relaxed atmosphere.

4. Chao Phraya River. We took a tour boat by mistake trying to get down the river so Kenny could snap some pictures of Wat Aren (Temple of Dawn). Ended up being a really pleasant trip both ways. The weather was much cooler on the water.

5.  Kao San Road. Again, but daytime. Pretty much just sat in a plastic blue chair for 2 hours and had my hair locked. Feels great and so easy to take care of. 

4.  2 Elephants in the Street. It was so cool seeing them up close. They are so large. I mean, you know they're large but you don't really know until you're next to them. One had a reflective light tied around his tail. 


1.   6:55-9:00: To Floating Market from Sukhumvit. Taxi driver was a mistake. However, I manage to sleep most of the way.

2.   10:15-11:45: Back with the same driver but to Wat Pho. He took a crazy route and the traffic was heavy. I slept some more but felt car sick and had a huge headache when we got out.

3.   5:45-6:30: Back to Sukhumvit from Kao San Road. Traffic was insane and after got far enough we popped out and walked the rest of the way. 

Conclusion: I am already tired of taxis and miss Seoul Metro and the bus system which is easy and so freaking cheap. TOTAL TIME IN TAXIS: 4 hrs 20 minutes!

I am so tired but happy with how the day turned out. It was full and vivid and fun. Now if only I could poooooooop!

[That was pretty much the most exciting day. And then we left Bangkok and headed to Nepal!]

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  1. Ohhh my gosh. I want to go. I love these little recaps! Sounds like it was such an adventure. And also? You are my hero for getting dreads. I would get them and probably walk around like Monica in that episode of friends where they are on some island and she gets the braids with the beads on them. (Have you seen that? If not, then nevermind.)


    Anyway, I never fail to be entertained by any photo of you where your face is all, "Yeah, don't take my photo. Get out of my business." Hahaha! You are adorable.

    And how eensie are you in these photos! ChubbO you are definitely not. It's official.


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