The Big Return

Hello dear ones! Man, have I missed you. I have been thinking about blogging, trying to catch up on my Google reader, and also coming up with some new ideas for ChubbO Chubbington because, ladies and gents, I am now a whopping 135 pounds and feel confident slapping a big ChubbO NoMo stamp across The Belly! So, this blog (along with being terribly ill and not eating well for about a month, plus hiking 4-5 hours a day in the mountains) has been good for me. Don't worry, I will still post gratuitous pictures of me stuffing my face. I have plenty from the honeymoon. But since I've started a new phase in my life, I feel the blog needs a new phase as well. Just as we progressed from anger (Rage in the A.M.) to self-motivation/deprecation/humor (ChubbO Chubbington) it is now time to move on once more. To progress, if you will. And to be honest, I'm not sure what I shall progress to. Or towards. But the blog is “A-Changin'” so brace yourself.

I am thrilled to be resting at home, spending time with my family, introducing the HubbO to all the ways we Southerners have figured to fry things (we're eating lunch at a place today that has fried corn on the cob) and of course getting him addicted to Sweet Tea. We are running every other day now, trying to get ready for a few races this summer, something I'd like to continue when we return to Korea.

Things you can go ahead and look forward to:
Mushy Marriage Stuff: including but not limited to pictures from the wedding and a video for those who were unable to attend, as well as status updates on our upcoming reception in the States.
Life of Anonymous Celebrity: International Style
Honeymoon Highlights: posts that recount our adventures, including a few excerpts from my daily journal while we traveled.
What the Crap Wednesday Flashbacks: Nepalese and Indian Editions
Mucho Mucho Photo Content of course
Dear India: letters to this baffling country as I continue to process my experiences there

Yeah, I know you're all making out with your computer screens in anticipation of all this good stuff I'm promising. It feels good to be back, lovelies. Good to be back. I have missed you and you wouldn't believe the amount of times I mention you!

ChubbO NoMo (hopefully for keeps this time!)


  1. Oh my jeebus! I am so very many excite!

  2. I cant wait!!!!!yipie:) so glad you are back

  3. Yea! I have really missed your blog...I have to live vicariously through you since I am a stay at home mom in AL, lol!

    Julie Wright

  4. I can not wait! It's been a long time and I miss reading your stuff!

  5. I've missed you!!!
    Looking forward to reading, changes and all. =)

  6. Yaaaaaaaaay! I can't wait to read about your trip and am eagerly anticipating anything you do with your blog and your writing in general. Great to see you back!

  7. can't wait to hear about your adventures!

  8. I'm glad that I now have something entertaining (and sometimes educational) to read...it's been slim-pickings lately!


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