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Sometimes I have friends ask me about my blog or blogging in general or the blogs I read. A lot of the time I hear, "But I feel like there are so many blogs out there. How do you pick which ones to read?" 

I find blogs in almost the same way I find books. I go to the bookstore. I browse. I see a book. I pick it up. I feel it. I open it and close it and feel it some more. If it's the book I'm supposed to buy, I'll know it. If it's not, it goes back on the shelf. The books speak to me. I rarely walk into a bookstore with a certain book in mind, although I do often have friend's suggestions rolling around in the back of my head. Same with blogs. I click a few links, take a look around, feel things out, and if it's for me, then I add it to the good old reader. If it's not, I go elsewhere. 

photo from serena nguyen

I have found a jewel of a blog. Or, as my friend Wishcake likes to say, a peach. This writer is just a peach. This gem was something I was directed to by another lovely blogger whom I never stop blathering on about, Tamie. And I actually found Tamie through Roboseyo, and I have no idea where I first found or clicked on Rob's blog. But all of these small forays into the wide world of the Internet (and its constant habit of reflecting the interconnectedness of the world outside it) have led me to this brave, beautiful woman across the world from me who writes down things I feel in my heart. (Well, she probably felt them first, but whatever. We won't get into the technical details of all that.) Sometimes there are bloggers and sometimes there are writers who happen to have a blog. Jillian is a writer. 

If you read one blog, it should be mine.
If you read one other blog, it should be aqui estoy. 


  1. have you made contact with Tamie to let her know how much you like her blog? You should tell her about this post. She'd be tickled pink.

    and if you don't, I will, so it may as well be you.

    I also adore Tamie's blog. I was in a writing class with her once, you know.

  2. Hey. It's Kaylee I made a blog here, lol so I can continue to keep up with you and read your hilarious stories!!! Just wanted to let you know!


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