Shameless Self-Promotion

I ended up being nominated in two of the categories for the Golden Klog Awards. I was thrown into the running for Funniest Blog, which is absolutely astonishing. I've read the other blogs in the list with me and they are actually funny. However, most of the time I'm awake I look pretty funny, so if that at all counts for anything, you could possibly vote for moi. Also, I am up for Up and Comer, 2009. Well, I am Up and I do intend to keep the blog posts Coming. 

This is really, really cool and I just celebrated by consuming ice cream. So, I suggest you get yourself an ice cream, a donut, or whatever other food warms your particular lovely and generous heart, and go here to click on the links to vote for me, or for any other blog you like! There are two surveys of voting, so make sure you peruse both! Also, the categories have been linked on the Hub of Sparkle post, so make sure you check them out to add new awesome award-worth K-Blogs to your reader! 


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