In My 25th Year

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In my 25th year
I moved to Korea
I grew to love 30 children
and hate them just as much 
all within an 8 hour period
I learned to eat kimchi
and to twist a few Korean words
around in my mouth
I picked up chopsticks
I dropped chopsticks
I wore my food
I picked up chopsticks 
I started blogging 
with the intent to blog
and I started talking about my blog
without planning on it
I started saying 
"The other day my friend said"
when really I could say
"I was reading a blog the other day and it said"
I slept 
I read good books
I did not read enough poetry
I lost a beautiful friendship 
to culture and customs different from my own
I had my appendix out
in a hospital with pretty nurses
 and ajummas rustling plastic bags
like they had found their true calling and purpose in life
I didn't sleep
I got engaged
I got pushed and whacked and handled
on the subway 
and expressed, suppressed, and channeled my Rage in the A.M.
I got angry
I got angrier
I drank coffee
I found things to be happy about
I lost 8 kilograms
I ate delicious donuts
I hiked up mountains 
I ate cookies on mountains
I hiked down mountains
I missed my mom
I missed my dad
I missed my sister
I missed my wifey
I missed my friends
I saw my mom, dad, sister, wifey, and friends
I watched my sister get married
I watched my fiance discover my home
I learned to wait 
I got married
I got a new family
I made new friends
I found a community
I had snow and ice on my eyelashes and in my eyebrows
I sat in a hot tub without any clothes on
surrounded by staring naked ajummas
and bowed to old women
with no teeth
I discovered that I was so much more than I had ever been before
I discovered that there was so much more to be
I laughed
really loud
I forgot certain things
I remembered others
and I wrote about my 25th year
after I had lived it's last hour


  1. I hope you have fewer ragey moments in your 26th year, and more opportunities to stand at the top of mountains and be in love.

  2. "The other day my friend said"
    when really I could say
    I was reading a blog the other day and it said"

    Same thing :)

  3. Happy Birthday! I love the part about telling people what a friend said when you really mean what a blogger said. I do that too!

  4. What a year!!! I hope your 26th is just as good ;)


  5. Hi there. Your blog was nominated for an award for the best Korea blogs of 2008, at The Hub Of Sparkle. Go check it out if you like.


  6. I'm going to do this and remember what it was like to write. It's like riding a bicycle, I think...it's like remembering looking across a darkened room at 3 enthusiastic poets screaming Kerouac by candlelight...yes, it must be like that:-)

  7. "I discovered that I was so much more than I had ever been before."

    This is absolutely poetic! I love how you wrote this, and captured all those little moments in your year.

    It was quite a year, too, was it not? I'm sure twenty-six will be just as glorious.



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