The 2008 Golden Klog Awards!

Sometimes I don't have anything to say.
And when that happens, you should write it down in your planner as "History Made."
And you should still read my blog because other people have things to say and I'll just say it for them. 

Over at The Hub, Roboseyo has had nothing better to do over his winter vacation than to dream about giving and receiving awards. So, for those of you that still haven't checked it out:

You can go here to vote or you can head on over to the Facebook page for the Hub of Sparkle and vote there. Not to squeeze my own love handle or anything, but yours truly has been nominated for a few things. This is a miracle in itself and proves that the rest of the bloggers here in Korea are just as unhinged as I am!  

Is it wrong to say that I squealed like a little girl and hopped up and down in my chair and generally made merry to my computer screen when I saw the big O after Chubb appear in not only one category, but um....4 official categories and uh, 1 unofficial but totally awesome category? Because if it is wrong to tell you that I'm still grinning and emitting various noises that sound like Hello Kitty and the Wonder Girls exploded inside me, then I. AM. SO. WRONG. 
Categories the ChubbO has been nominated for:
Best New Korea Blog of 2008 
Up and Comer- Blog to Watch in 2009
Funniest Korea Blog 
Happiest Korea Blog (apparently FatMan Seoul missed my Rage in the A.M. days!)
and, although not an official category but one that I support fully with every inch of cellulite on my body: Hottest Blogger! What? I mean.... uh, what, yeah, that's what. ZenKimchi, you are a winner already, bud!

Other categories that you can nominate your favorite K-blogger for: 

Best Overall Korea Blog, 2008
Most Thought Provoking Korea Blog, 2008
Most Current and Timely Korea Blog, 2008
Most Helpful Blog to Expats in Korea, 2008
Angriest Blogger, 2008
Best Pop Culture Blog, 2008
Best Culture Blog in General, 2008
Best Food Blog, 2008
Best Korea Photography Blog, 2008
Craziest Comment Board in a Korea Blog, 2008
Most Interesting Comment Board in a Korea Blog, 2008
Best Post or Series by a K-Blogger, 2008
Korea Blog Most Completely Taken Over by Obama’s Run To The Presidency, 2008

So hop on over to the Hub and make your nominations, for me of course, so we can get on to the voting! Woot. 

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  1. there's a hidden message for u in my blog! haha~


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