ChubbO NoMo, Really? With this attitude?

This is a short film in which you will see why I insist on calling my blog ChubbO Chubbington, despite my small weight loss and efforts to not be a fatty in my wedding dress. Because, as I've said before, being a ChubbO is not necessarily about your size or your scale, but about the way you think about and enjoy food in ways that other people only dream of. And yes, my film editing skills are still in the negative. 
When I moved to Korea, I imagined being forced into a size 2 pair of jeans because there would not be the delicious food that I was used to gorging myself on. And to a point, this was true, because let's face it, the thousands of calories I consumed through sweet tea were cut and also, there is no Cracker Barrel or Chik-fil-A. However, this lack of fried and sweet goodness only served to heighten my cravings. And so I learned to crave other, available, foodstuffs. And in this case, the 7-11 stocks Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream bars wearing a delicious jacket of chocolate. And so, I crave it. And I cannot be dissuaded. It is a serious disorder. In short, my taste buds in combination with my appetite make for one serious dictator. And I shall never see a size 2 pair of anything. Unless they stop making chocolate, iced caramel macchiatos, Haagen-Dasz, waffles, dark chocolate, and fried chicken. Then maybe. But what would we really have to live for? 


  1. Ooh I like the video blogs of you out and about in Korea. Maybe give us a video of your morning commute? Rage in action?

  2. That is too cute. (Don't tell anyone I used the word "cute")

  3. So, for the record? If you had a reality show, I'd totally watch it. You are so adorable and endearing and I want to hug you. And then go buy some ice cream from Koreans who don't seem to find it at all weird that you are being filmed...while buying ice cream.



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