If I Were President

Akin to the last supper, sacred and sacrificial. The HubbO took this picture sometime before Christmas when I swore I wouldn't eat another donut until after our wedding. So, Krispy Kreme run after we say our vows? You bet. 
You can get your own here. Also, thanks to the lovely Ashley, who linked me to this Obamicon goodness, supported by Paste Magazine. Paste Magazine, I miss you and your mix cds.


  1. i love those pics!! so cool! i wish i had the plugins on my computer to do it. oh well. also, congrats on getting hitched!!! im sure the real ceremony is going to be all sorts of awesome. make sure to put up pics!!

  2. I love it!

    P.S. Did you watch the inauguration? I was so sloppy with tears it wasn't even funny.


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