Grace in Small Things: An Invitation and Freebies!

The fabulous Nora, of Walking with Nora, has begun a beautiful little series in which she reminds herself of all the small blessings she has in her life and examines the tiny cracks and corners where she finds grace unexpectedly. A few other amazing gals have started to take part, like Habbala and Ashley as Aurora. After reading a few weeks of posts on these small things it's important to take note of "because life is short and love is large," I was inspired to whip up some banners to send to Nora. And  now, I'd like to offer them to you along with an invitation to participate. The banner is below, along with a button for your sidebar! And after you grab a banner and a button, feel free to read my first Grace in Small Things list.

*I'm rejoicing in an unexpected visit from a good friend and a new friend that resulted in a night and an early afternoon of conversation and good food.

*I'm finally getting used to my work schedule and getting into a comfortable groove that doesn't make me hate my life (at least not all the time).

*Crafty, crafty, crafty things have been happening at our house, and it's small and miniscule, but so thrilling.

*Kind comments from incredibly amazing blog friends.

*It's Wednesday! Almost halfway done with this week.

*Being so proud of some of my students giving presentations. I have some pretty sweet kids.

*Laughing really hard with my favorite coworker.

*Daydreaming of my Christmas visit to the States.

*Impulse buying my very first Etsy purchase from one of my favorite bloggers here.

And that's it folks! I hope you enjoy the banner and the blog button. Let me know if you like it!

P.S. I know I skipped my Don't Be the Fat Sister update this week, and for good reason. There's a full post on that coming soon.
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