What's Working

Instead of complaining about all the things I'm not doing right at the moment (okay every moment), these are all the things I'm doing that are working.

This kitters hug is working for me. Not so much for the kitters, eh?

I'm getting up early in the morning. Now, my definition of early may not be your definition of early. By early I mean that I am getting up early enough to be showered by 9. And that's progress people! I got so tired of coming home to a junky house that I never felt like cleaning at night. Then I would sleep in late and not have time to clean up before leaving. There were always lunch dishes in the sink when we would come home from work, the bed would be messy, and my office desk a disaster. I didn't talk about it before, because usually when I talk about something before I do it, I just turn myself into a big fat liar. So I just started doing it. I get up in the morning with the goal of going to work with a clean house behind me. It's so nice to come home in the evening and relax with the HubbO instead of feeling guilty because we both have to clean up when we're tired and cranky and hungry. So, getting up and getting straight into the shower works. (I'm also much nicer to my husband post-shower!)

Doing work at work. I have the best work schedule a girl could ask for this semester. Every day I have a break from 3:30 to 5:20. I used to use that time to explore the Internet (many times believing I had come to the end of it), write emails to friends, read a book, or go out for coffee. Although I still sometimes go out for a walk with Saralyn and sit on our bench in the sun at the park across from the school, or run some errands during this time, I make sure all my work is done first. It is making me better prepared for class and that is making my classes go well. Not that I didn't prepare before. But I would oftentimes forget things and be running from class to office again and again, going to the copy machine, or waiting on the printer. And all of those things were a waste of time when I had a huge break to prepare! So, now, I'm focusing only on work first. When all my work is finished and I've got everything I need ready, then I'm free to do whatever I want! It also helps that Kenny's grandmother is still hanging on. We could be called to Seoul for her three day funeral at any moment, so I have to be uber prepared in case other teachers need to teach my class or if they have to welcome my students into their own classes. Doing work at work totally works.

Counting calories. I downloaded a calorie counting app on my iPhone, but realized it wasn't doing me much good since I couldn't just plug in kimchi bokkumbap or ddeokbukki into the thing. So this morning I got Kenny to download a calorie counting app from the Korean app store. I'm having to learn a lot of new words to use it, which is great too, but now I can get closer to knowing how much I'm eating. I'm also being extremely aware of snacking. I used to snack during every break at school, feeling very deprived if I didn't have something to eat every time I wanted. But now, if I must snack, it's once and one thing. I've also cut out my daily Iced Caramel Macchiato except for once a week. I can drink other kinds of coffee, but I don't. Iced Caramel Macchiatos are my favorite, so I don't settle for less. This is helping me sleep better at night, I think! And also helping me curb an extra 200-300 calories a day. Counting calories works.

The weather is working for me, y'all. Finally. I've gotten rid of the jackets and am simply wearing long sleeve t-shirts or a t-shirt with a sweater. Can't wait until I can fit comfortably in my new jeans! That's my everyday outfit for summer: jeans, t-shirt, light sweater, and FLIP-FLOPS BABY! I even painted my toenails red last night just in case flip-flop weather shows up unexpectedly! Warm, spring weather with blue skies works.

Tights that look like jeans. I bought two pairs of tights that resemble jeans at Uniqlo this weekend. I mean, I know they don't really look like jeans, but they're close enough and the right colors. And y'all, as long as The Belly is hanging around, these leggings are making my dreams of sitting and bending comfortably come true! I have a pair of jeans I can squeeze into (I have two pairs I fit well, but they have been retired for the gaping holes in the thighs!), and I do wear them. But by the end of the day I usually find myself in a bad mood because I'm uncomfortable for most of the day. So, leggings and all things elastic and stretchy work.

Those are a few of the things that are working for me. What's working for you?
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