[Oh yeah. I went to Jeju. LAST YEAR.]

I've been meaning to write up our Jeju Christmas Trip,well, since Christmas. I blogged a bit about Seogwipo, an adorable art-inspired town in southern Jejudo over at ZenKimchi, while simultaneously raging about Magic Tea. But I have this picture. This picture must be shared with the world. Hopefully, someday, I will share the other amazing photos Kenny and I took while we were there. But this one, it deserves to find its home on the Internet. Here you go, Internet:

Isn't the resemblance simply striking? This is one of the many statues found all over Jeju Island. They are called dol hareubang (  돌 하르방  ), dol meaning "stone" and hareubang being a Jeju dialect of "grandfather." They're basically thought to be gods offering protection and, some say, fertility. They are guardians.

I'm not sure what we're guarding here, but we're definitely happy about it. Also, I have to get a new coat. This one is just not flattering. I mean, it makes me look like a hareubang. And when was the last time you heard anyone giving a hareubang a compliment on his lovely figure, eh?
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