Our First Christmas

Actually, this isn't our first Christmas together. Our very first Christmas was in 2006 and we spent Christmas week in Israel, visiting Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and spending Christmas Day in Ein Gev around the Sea of Galilee. Christmas 2007 we were both at home. I was in Tennessee at the homestead, preparing to go to Korea in February the next year, while Kenny was on the job hunt in Seoul. And then last year, I worked on Christmas Eve, for no apparent reason, and made my fiance cry on Christmas.

So, not our first Christmas together, but our first Christmas as HubbO and ChubbO . Yesterday we went to EMart to see how many ways we could support China financially, and let me tell you THIS. IS. NOT. CHRISTMAS. Come on, people. There are only two Christmas decorations displays and all of it is hideous and made my stomach turn. Because Korea has taken the worst of every K-Mart discounted-after-Christmas-sale-item, added glitter and ghastly colors, and chunked it into one shelf and called it Christmas decorations. For reals. However, in the back of the store, there is this section that should be called Pay More Money for a Tiny Bit More Style and Slightly Organic Stuff. And they had more expensive Christmas trees and less ugly lights and stuff. What I'm trying to tell you is we just didn't have all that much to work with. And I was getting all depressed and felt like maybe Christmas wouldn't come this year.

However, we are magic. Because we purchased a few cloth ornaments and a small tree. And some lights. And then we decided to make some of our own ornaments. And this is what happened:

What do you guys think? I mean, I'm thrilled with it! Kenny is like the Master of Cardboard Stuff for reals. I had the idea and he executed it and then I put the string on the backs, so I did contribute. Kind of. And you know, we've had the Christmas music going on since the last weekend in October, which is also when I busted out my awesome Christmas tree shirt. But we also bought a few things to bring the Christmas spirit to the rest of the house, or maybe just to bring it to our bellies. Because, everybody knows if you need to get in the Spirit, you should go shopping and buy stuff, right?

And last, but not least, the Christmas kitters....

It's really not his fault. He's been ill. For forever. Or, I guess for as long as I've known him. Poor Bo. He's started eating a bit more regularly though, so that's positive! He's really not enthusiastic over anything, so I shouldn't be so disappointed that he didn't jump and meow and attack the Christmas tree. I guess.
Miso, however, has just the right amount of enthusiasm over Christmas. She tried multiple times to shred the rope of Christmas lights, punched the tree's lowest hanging branches, and basically made a mess. It was wonderful.

Hope you're enjoying the season, too.
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