It's Still Thanksgiving Back Home

Dang, I miss my family.

Some November goodness...

First snow.

Bike ride.

Bike ride face.

Motivation in winter = Miracle.

The HubbO and Miso = My True Loves!

I could wish really hard that I was at home eating fried turkey. I would inevitably be tackled mercilessly, drug to the floor and then tickled until I almost peed, all the while my throat growing hoarse with my screams for help being entirely ignored by the rest of the family sitting around the table. Because my cousin, Danny, is at home. I could wish really hard that I was sitting next to Uncle Mitch and Aunt Yvette, listening to my mother's laughter. I could predict the amount of time my dad felt was socially acceptable to be downstairs until he climbed back up the stairs to his hermit hole. I could wish really hard that I was talking about poop with my brother-in-law, while my sister gagged and rolled her eyes at us. I would tell her the turkey was so "moist." And maybe add that "I heard that murmur!" I could wish really hard that I was there to hear my cousins snoring in the bedroom and the living room.

Or, I could be thankful for my warm home here in Wonju. For my mother-in-law sleeping on my couch tonight (at her insistence). For my kitties snuggling in bed. For my kids making me laugh so hard today. For the man I'm falling asleep beside. For this new wakefulness stirring in me.

And The List remains the same.
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