The Tigress

Since Bo got the spotlight yesterday, I figured I'd give Miso an equal chance to make you all awwww over her face. Sometimes, she's so cute, I have to resist the urge to squeeze the life out of her. She's got a hilarious personality. She is intently watching the cursor move as I type this. She is constantly alert. She is also a good sister. Bo can't seem to figure out how to cover his business in the litter box. He just kind of scrapes at the sides of the box and never makes contact with the sand. So Miso is always standing guard outside their potty while he goes and then she jumps in there and covers it up for him. She also cleans him, because let's face it, Bo takes after his mother and baths are not his fave.

Kenny has been in Seoul this weekend spending time with his friends and attending a wedding. I have stayed in the house, only going out when I needed groceries, and the kitties seem to be thrilled with this arrangement. They've been following me around, meowing at me, and generally keeping me very good company. Have I told you we don't watch TV anymore? We just watch the kitters. And although I might be turning into Crazy Cat Lady, I haven't felt the least bit lonely with the little guys around. Who could feel lonesome with this face hanging around?

I mean, really. And she's getting heavy. I keep trying to find the word for it, for how satisfying it is to pick her up and feel her weight fall against my arms. She's just so, I don't know, substantial. And I love to pat that belly!

Anyhow, the weekend's almost up, and I'm pretty sure by now Snape is a bad guy. Only one more book to go...
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