They're Getting So Big!!

I don't need any hate mail from anyone telling me how awful Miso's eyes look! We are cleaning them every morning and every night, but when she wakes up they're caked. Took them for another vet visit yesterday. They did SO much better this time and I just left the room when they started to squeal so I wouldn't have to sit there crying like a baby because my cats were stressed out. Anyway, Miso's face is changing the most, I think.

Bo is changing too, but he's still got that baby face! Also in Kitty News, they are no longer hissing at each other. I was worried about that because we didn't get them from two different places; we got them from the same people and they had already been living together for the first three months of their lives! But perhaps it was just an adjustment period. And they totally bonded after their joint traumatic vet experience the other week. Whenever we come home from the vet, it's like they can feel how stressed out the other one is. So they always sleep together.

In human news, I have a head cold. Finally. Was wondering when it was going to hit. But this one was preceded by about 5 hours of dizziness. It was strange, and I left school one class early to go lie down. But turns out, closing my eyes, reading, standing up, walking, moving in general made it worse. I thought I was going to faint many times on the bus ride home! So I came home early, but wasn't productive at all. Just tried to sit really still. I think it's the lovely warm days combined with the beautifully cold nights and the air-conditioned classroom. So, I'll let you know how crappy I feel on a regular basis. Because I know you're all, "What's going on with Danielle? How is she feeling? Is she okay? Wish I was in Wonju to be with her...." Right? Am I right?
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