Our Wedding (Part II: The Pictures)

Many of you may have already seen the pictures posted on Facebook, but I thought for those of you who aren't able to see them there (you can, I invite you to befriend me!) I'd post those plus a few extra freebies here (but only because you're special).

Warning: If you are particularly sensitive in the mush area and prone to throwing up in your mouth a little whenever you are exposed to smiling, gushing, happy people twining their lives together, you may want to skip the following pictures. Or just have your barf bag handy.

The lovely Angie fixing my hair! Ignore the complete mess that is my room.

How Daddy prepares for the wedding.

Coffee Shop Lady! She made breakfast for me and my family.
It really was our coffee shop that day!

The bride registering that she is on her way to be a bride!

Kenny and his good friend Choong Soo.

Hein gives Kenny the royal lip treatment!
Important for the kissing part of the ceremony.

While the Sisda gives me a little eye makeup.

The mumsie with lip balm.
Yep, that was the extent of my makeup: eye stuff and lip gloss!

Daddy making me laugh with his HUGE corsage that was explicitly
prohibited by Kenny, but somehow found it's way onto his jacket anyway.

Walking towards the rest of my life!

Me and Dad competing for Biggest Smile.

Kenny's friends sang an English song for us!
I Will Be There by Steven Curtis Chapman. I did get a little teary...

Bowing to my parents.

Bowing to Kenny's parents. I surprised his mom by doing a full bow.
Usually the ladies bow from the waist down.
But whoever said I was a lady?

Backpacks on. Ready to hike!

All of us.

Already tired from smiling!

My Korean family.

My awesome parents!

The Sisda, who sang me down the aisle. It was beautiful.

The fathers.

The mommas.

The ladies: Angie and Jennifer.

The Exeter bunch. The first Koreans who knew us as a couple.

Kenny's amazing friends, including Hein, Hana, and JiEun
who helped keep the ajummas quiet!

MyungSung Presbyterian Group.
They were so supportive and great friends.
Miss you guys and see you soon.

Outside of the church.

At dinner in our hanbok with all the cool people!

The End! The last picture we took with some of Kenny's friends.

If you made it this far, you're a trooper. Grab yourself a donut; you deserve it!


  1. I loved looking at your pictures! I missed them on facebook because I always forget it exists these days. However, I will go check them out in case I missed any good ones! Congrats again - y'all look so happy.

  2. Congratulations! These pictures are so beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing them, they just made my day :)

  3. Congrats! I know I'm very late but I somehow missed these posts. I think the one in front of the church (with the warping) is amazing. I'm assuming you've got that framed somewhere in your apartment. ;)


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