Friday Treat

An abbreviated installment of ChubbO Pushes Play and Words Come Out. Lots of words. But not quite so many as last time. 

Happy Halloween. Less than a week before I leave for the States to attend my sisda's wedding. What do you think about these video things? Like? Loathe Entirely? 


  1. You are too, too cute. I just had a crap run-in with an exboyfriend (uuuugh) but came home and watched this and it cracked me up. So, gracias.

    Congrats on the weight loss! You've been working hard.

    AND it's like we're totally on the same wavelength because I actually had a doughnut this AM, which I never do, so it's like I took your advice, except I hadn't see your video yet. So yeah.

    This was the longest comment.

    Like, really long.

    Crazy long.

  2. Sooooo...you know how you picture someone in your head and you read their stuff and you think you know them and theeennnnnnnnnnn...they post a video and you they are totally different than you expected?

    Yeah. This was nothing like that.

    You are FANTASTIC. And exactly like I pictured. And your accent is lovely. Find some way to swing by Oregon on your globe-trotting adventures? 8^)


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