Day 36: Don't be Fat

So, I told you I would update you on my daily progress. Today looked like this:
No coffee. Victory. Even though I spent time at a Starbucks with a friend drinking delicious coffee. Like I said, victory.
No donuts. Even though I passed a Dunkin' Donuts. Victory.
However, there was also no cardio today. My plan had been to do my river route with my ankle weights this afternoon. But last night I had a little sore spot in my throat and I woke up at 5:30 this morning barely able to swallow. I whispered through my first three classes, went to the doctor during my lunch, and got some medicine. I have my voice back now, but my throat is still sore. The doctor said that I probably hadn't fully recovered from my weird bout of who-knows-what-flu-like miserable sickness from last week and that I should drink lots of water and rest. So I did. I drank lots of water with a wonderful salad that I bought myself for dinner.
And that water was the reason there were no stairs, either, today. I was seriously doing the pee-pee dance and trying very hard not to hold myself in the lobby waiting for the elevator. But I feel a little better after having rested and read a copy of Modern Bride, my first wedding magazine purchase, and probably my last. 
Anyway, I count today a minor success because I ate reasonably and didn't snack at all. I did take a short and easy walk as well. And I think part of the reason my throat went all wacky on me is from my run yesterday evening. It's cool in the evenings now, which feels awesome, but can make me sick when I sweat in it. So, I took an easy day. 
And I'm not going to feel guilty about it. You can feel guilty if you want to, but I refuse. I am keeping a positive attitude, not an attitude of failure. Okay, 36 days down, only 35 more to go! Woot. 
Oh, and thanks for all the encouragement and the comments. You guys rock.  


  1. Yay! Victory! I hope your throat feels better and doesn't keep shorting out on you.
    Keep up the good work--you're an inspiration!

  2. I screwed up my Day 36: Beer and a rock show. I didn't take the stairs this morning either, but I'm going to be eating sensibly and doing cardio this afternoon, which should be somewhat redeeming.

  3. mmmmm... my cardio is going down the drain today because i have too many errands to run before house. should i feel guilty?

    good job on day 36! 35 more to go...


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