37 Day Series... You Know You Love 'Em

Yeah, I promised you this most awesome new series coming soon called Imagine All the People. It's gonna be so great, even I don't believe it. But I better stop mentioning it or else it'll never live up to all the hype and I'll get 500 comments (which would be freaking awesome) about how lame my stupid series always are. But anyway, to interrupt the previously scheduled and simply postponed series (that may debut any day now, so keep checking my blog/your google reader/your facebook feed every few minutes to distract you from your workaday boredom), yet another series. Don't you love it? End intro. 

The Super Duper Don't Be the Fat Sister Workout Plan
Okay, so, it's not really a series, but I'm for reals, people. The Chubb has got to go. (But I'm keeping the O. Oprah can sue me.) I bought a beautiful new pair of jeans, waist in inches 30, for under $10.00. (I know Mel is simply beaming right now, seeing how her girl bypassed the $150.00 Calvin Klein's for the bargain bin at E-Mart. Woot.) And they're not as comfortable as I would like them to be. And I just realized that I have only 37 days until I leave for the States for the Sisda's wedding. And since the Sisda is a size 0, I have no option but to be the fatter sister, but I refuse to be the fat sister. If that makes any sense. So I was saying to Kenny how I wanted to order a size 32 (this is in inches people) to have a comfy pair, like for when I want to eat or drink something after I've put them on, and he said, "No. You make that pair comfortable. We are not going backwards." And I looked at him, about to give him the "did you just comment on my weight?" stank eye, and then realized that as usual, he is right. I've got to pull myself together, suck in the remaining Chubb, and huff and puff my way into that pair of jeans so there are inches to spare in the waist. 

The Super Duper Don't Be the Fat Sister Workout Plan (which I plan to repeat as many times as possible in the next 37 days because it's awesome and because it reminds me of the Super Duper Slim Down Tone Up Workout Plan that the Wifey and I implemented in college) includes: cardio for an hour everyday except on Sunday because God said NO EXERCISE ON SUNDAYS OR I WILL KILL YOU AND NEVER LET YOU HAVE ANOTHER DONUT EVER AGAIN. And when the Lord threatens to withhold the confectionary goodness of the Holy Donut, the ChubbO listens. Okay, so yeah, cardio for an hour; continuing the 100 push up challenge plan thingy that I've started twice now (I'm a pro at starting things, if you haven't noticed); lots of positive thinking; eating at home (like the Paul McCartney song on his Ram album); taking the 157 stairs up to my apartment. 
The Super Duper Don't Be the Fat Sister Workout Plan does not include: coffee (except on Sundays, because it's the law); donuts; whining and feeling sorry about The Belly/The Boobs/ The Armpit Chub (which reminds me that someone actually found my blog one day by Googling 'armpit chub.' No lie). 

So, I'll let you know how I'm doing. Of course, today I already did my cardio and my push-up plan stuff. I also cooked my own dinner and didn't have coffee except at breakfast, which was kind of done before I thought up the whole SDDBTFSWP, so it doesn't count. And hey, if I don't let you know how I'm doing, you should ask. Because what are you good for if not interwebs accountability, eh? 

Also, Thursday is my 2 year anniversary, (did I say this already?) and I'm excited. 

Oh, and prepare yourselves. USA, here I come! 


  1. Sounds like an awesome plan. Except that I was about to go across the street and get a burger for lunch, but now you've got me feeling guilty enough to eat my Lean cuisine instead. Hrmph.

    But rock on with the awesome plan.

  2. Good plan. It's all about the cardio! I started the 100 push up challenge too... and ended it in the same week. You've just motivated me to start again. =)

    Good luck and happy anniversary!

  3. I think I need to go on that plan with you. I put on my "I'm bloated leave me alone" black pants for work today and they are snuuuuuuuuuug.



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