Teacher, Teacher

Kevin: "Teacher."
Danielle Teacher: "See, Andrew, this one is subtraction, minus, so the number gets smaller."
Kevin: "Teacher."
Danielle Teacher: "Yep. Good job, Andrew. That's how you do it. Exactly."
Kevin: "Teacher. Teacher."
Danielle Teacher: "Hold on Kevin, I'm helping Andrew." 
Kevin: " Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher. Teacher."
Danielle Teacher: "OH MY GOSH, KEVIN! What do you want?
Kevin: "I eat this." (Holding up tiny scrolls of used eraser.)
Danielle Teacher: "What?"
Kevin: "I eat this." 
Danielle Teacher: "You eat that?"
Kevin: "Yes. I. Eat. This." (Slowly and deliberately as if English was not my first language.)
Danielle Teacher: "Eew. You eat that? Gross." 
Kevin: (Big grin).

Yep. This is my life. I was totally proud of his sentence, "I eat this." He's the smartest kid in the class. Too bad he's busy digesting bits of eraser. 


  1. But did he mean he had already eaten it? i.e I ate this?

    I refuse to believe in this sudden smartness...

  2. sounds like he's not gonna be the smartest for long if he keeps up the pica!

  3. yummmmmmm... erasers. glue. crayons.

    good stuff.

  4. Ooohhhh. *realization dawning* You teach small children in Korea. My sympathies! That'll bring on the rage.

  5. lmfao!! dunno how they do it but kids really are so cute and sooooo aggravating all at once. :D :D :D funny little guy though. i hope he isn't still snacking on erasers (eraser dust?)


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