No More Excuses

I'm pouring sweat, and that's a good thing for this ChubbO because it means I did something besides salivate over the waffle with ice cream served downstairs in my coffee shop or walk vigorously towards the nearest iced white-choco-week's-worth-of-calories-mocha. I have found the perfect no more excuses method of working out and because I know I'm not the only ChubbO out there, I thought I'd share how I'm whipping my butt into shape for Le Wedding, and more importantly Le Honeymoon.  

Le Honeymoon will consist of 3 months spent trekking in Tibet, the Himalayas in Nepal, and India, followed by 2 months of supreme vacation at the parent's homestead in good old Tennessee along with some traveling through Georgia and Florida to see wifeys, sister-friends, and grandparents. So, needless to say, the first three months of my dream getaway with my Korean require me to be less ChubbO on the outside (but still the same "did somebody say pizza rolls" ChubbO on the inside).

Stairs. Oh lovely ladies (and gents) who are whining about the weather, the time restraint, all the perfect size zero and perfectly naked Korean girls in the changing room at the local gym: stairs is the answer. Buy yourself a set of ankle weights (I got mine cheap from a wholesaler for about $10.00 and they're a kilo each) and head to the nearest stairwell. My apartment has 14 floors and I live on the 9th, so that's where I start. Because Koreans are always in a hurry and the elevators are much quicker than taking the stairs, I am always alone. I strap on my ankle weights and head down the stairs to the first floor, not allowing myself to use the handrails to work on my balance. Then I go back up to floor 9. Repeat, going only to floor 2. Back up to floor 9. Down to 3. Up to 9. Down to 4. Up to 9 until you're walking down one floor and back up. That takes me close to 15 minutes because I do walk, not jog the stairs, and allow myself usually 30 seconds to a minute's rest every time I reach the 9th floor.
You should be sweating proficiently by now, unless you live in some dream apartment building where they air condition the stairwells. Otherwise, you should be tired. So I remove the ankle weights and go back down to the first floor. This time, definitely clinging to the handrail because my feet want to go much faster than my brain because of the sudden weightlessness. Then, I try to jog all the way back to my floor. 

There are 14 floors, so I guess there's always room for improvement. But for now, that's my no-excuses stair workout. I can do it when it's raining, when it's really hot outside, when I only have half an hour, or when I want to be incredibly  antisocial and do something besides the Han riverside trail where I will be stared at the entire time. 

Oh, and make sure you STRETCH afterwards!
Let me know if you try the ChubbO stairs workout. Or if you have any failproof ways to stick it to the wedding dress! (Yeah, kind of like sticking it to the man. You would think I love my wedding dress, but in reality I despise it. Until I look freaking hot in it, of course. And then I will love it. But for now, we're sticking it to the Dress, okay?).

Resisting the Waffle,


  1. Sounds like a great workout - in preparation for an awesome honeymoon!

    I think I won't be trying it, though since I'm not the most coordinated of people. I'd surely trip on the stairs, plunge down a flight, and never be found since everyone else is on the elevator. Eeks.

  2. That sounds like an excellent workout! My office is on the 27th floor of the building, so I doubt I'd do the back-and-forthing that you do (due to time constraints), but just one up-and-down instead. Maybe the MARTA stairs too--the ones at my station have been affectionately nicknamed "Stairway to Heaven."

  3. haha! love it... anyways who wants to look like a korean stick insect? oh yeh. me ....damn it

    claire xx

  4. The workout sounds good. I just jogged a little today on my morning walk and it felt great. There are some stairs along my route. hmm... Now you've got me thinking. Thinking, mind you. I'll let you know if that turns into anything more (sweaty and exhausting).

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  6. (Sorry - mistyped that previous comment)

    Sounds like a great honeymoon. While the missus and I couldn't get away for quite as long as you guys, we also spent our honeymoon ("only" six weeks) in India, mostly in Rajasthan. Fully recommended. Congratulations.

  7. Keep up the hard work - when you're doing all that hiking you'll be thanking yourself!

  8. you're gonna feel so great! i will be cheering you on from my couch. where i'm eating...cornbread!


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