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Over the past week, laundry has been the one thing I have been incapable of accomplishing. Today, after my shower, I donned my last pair of panties. I MUST do laundry tomorrow morning in order to have clean underwear. I have needed to do laundry since last Monday. Not the one two days ago; the one before that.

There's something about laundry that makes me feel productive. I can do nothing all day- lounge around in my pajamas, never shower, brush my teeth only once, make 0 progress on my dissertation, eat 5 All-American double chocolate chip cookies from Sainsburys for 92p, and rarely leave the couch or my bed. But if I did laundry on this day, it is considered one of the more productive in my life. And I don't care to search the deep recesses of my soul to figure out why. I like to leave it simple and clean- like a fresh load of linen, neatly folded and put away. I hate laundry. I loathe it entirely. But, once it is done, I always think, "Now, Danielle, that wasn't so bad, was it? And it feels refreshing to have on clean underwear and to not have to Febreeze the arm pits of your t-shirts so you can wear them more than one day in a row. Stop dreading your laundry, it's rewarding in the end."

However, I still dread it. But I'll do it anyway, and feel incredibly accomplished and an important part of society, the part that does their laundry at the last possible moment when they would have to turn their underwear inside out like their Mamaw used to make them do when the spent the night without a change of clothes. Yes, we are a valuable part of the citizenry. A pillar. A pillar that smells like lavender dryer sheets once a month.

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  1. You must have been buried beneath a pile of laundry. For you have not written since.


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