Not Dead

I just finished my first run since Jude was born. Ok, who am I kidding? It was my first run since I got pregnant. And I am not dead.

It wasn't long. All I did was complete day 1 of the ease into 5k program. But it felt amazing. Kenny went with me and I listened to music! I know. That sounds so dumb. I do this thing where I'll go for a while without listening to music. I hear it, I still play it, I just don't listen. And then I go and do something like tonight– I run–and I feel it all the way through me.

Then I berate myself for ever letting it get to this point. I can't believe I've had this experience waiting right underneath my skin for so long. All it took was a run in the park to awaken my entire body. I felt alive. I had chills. I was so much more than all my parts. I was my full self, my entirety. Music does that. At least, good music does that. It makes my soul stand up. It puts a smile on my face. It moves me.

So all that to say, I pushed play. And I did not die. What a lovely Sunday.
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