Yesterday I had a pretty sore throat, but last night turned into full-blown misery with Kenny and I taking turns keeping each other awake with coughing, hacking, and wheezing of all sorts. I spent today resting, literally accomplishing nothing but a hot, steamy shower.

I didn't go to the doctor today. I've actually got an appointment scheduled for Thursday, so I'll see what kind of medicine I can take then. I'm so glad that for now it's just a ragged throat and hasn't moved into my sinuses yet. I can still breathe, although breathing does aggravate my throat constantly. And I've got a pretty sick headache going, with all the coughing and efforts not to cough because it hurts.

I had good company today, though. The kitters always seem to know when I'm sad or sick and tend to spend more time with me. So that was nice.

I'm hoping to kick this thing this week and get back to feeling better!
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