Please Let it Be Prophecy

I've had two dreams of delivering Jude so far. One was last month. I dreamed that I was in a hospital with my mom, which is weird because my parents and Mamaw aren't flying to Korea to meet Jude until April and he's expected late February or early March. So that was strange. It was just me and mom and no doctors anywhere. I told my mom I needed to get up to go to the bathroom- like a serious "sit and think about some things" bathroom session- and she said, "You better not. Just stay here. You're gonna go when you give birth anyway." So I felt this pressure and then a baby just slipped right out of me! And the thing is, this baby could talk. And this baby said to me, "My daddy is Shaq." As in, the baby's father was Shaquille O'Neal, and I started to cry uncontrollably because I was so confused and disappointed. I really had wanted the dad to be Kenny. Crazy, right?

So Saturday night I had this dream that I was going into labor and I was getting ready to experience all this horrible pain and again, all I felt was this slight pressure, and I put my hand between my legs and caught his head as he slid out. So strange. In the rest of this dream, I was also with my family in the States, running from the cops because my dad was wanted for tax evasion or something. And I kept forgetting the baby. Sometimes Jude looked like a real baby, and sometimes he looked like a miniature Bo. That's right, half the time in the dream my baby looked like my boy cat. And I kept remembering I had him and saying, "Oh, Mom! The baby! Where's the baby?"

I've always had vivid dreams, and I've always been able to recall them. Sometimes the feelings leftover from my dreams can put me in a funk for the rest of the day, they're so strong and feel so real. I once dreamed I kissed another man while married to Kenny and after I woke up, I felt so guilty the entire day! So, I'm used to having strange dreams. And they say that during your pregnancy you'll have crazy dreams. And I'm all, "Bring it on. Can't beat the ones I'm already having." And it's true that these dreams are shorter and less unusual than my normal nightly adventures. But the thing is, both times I've dreamed about birth, it's been completely pain free. Pressure and then he slides right out. So, I'd like to ask you all to pray right now that my dreams continue in this manner. Not only that, I'd appreciate any prayers you can spare for my actual labor. They say you should pray specifically, so I'll help you out with this one:
Dear Lord, please let Danielle's delivery mimic her dreams. A little pressure and baby Jude slides right out. Thank you for the gift of prophetic dreams. In the name of sweet BABY Jesus, Amen.

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