It Smells like Winter

But it feels like Fall. And thank God, too. Because that summer without air conditioning? No. Never again.

{we heart it}

I love Fall in Korea. It's a beautiful season and last year we didn't get one. I missed Spring because we were off gallivanting around the world on our honeymoon. Then, when we returned in August it was insufferably hot, insufferably hot, insufferably hot, and BAM! Winter. No Fall. So this year, I am making excuses to walk places I don't have to walk just to be outside in it.

The sky is this satisfying shade of blue. The air is crisp and full of possibility. Every other breath is a good idea or inspiring thought. I know that this season is the time that so many things get ready to die, but I feel like this is my season to get ready to live.

I'm ready to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate with tiny pearls of marshmallows floating on top. I'm ready to wear hoodies and weird hats that don't suit me but keep my ears warm. I'm ready to hike in weather that makes me love the Earth instead of making me hate everything. I'm ready to lie underneath my covers, warm and content, while the air is cool in my nose, in my chest, on my face.

Yeah, I'm kind of in love with Fall. And I figure if I become absolutely enamored with Fall, I can forgive it for being an entirely misleading introduction to Winter.
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