B is for...

B is for baby teeth and brave smiles.

If you missed A, here it is. Also, in unrelated-to-alphabet-news, I'm looking forward to next week, which will hopefully wind down into a weekend with NO plans whatsoever. The month of October has been a whirlwind of extra teaching, tutoring, catching up with old friends, making new friends, selling my handmade notecards, discovering how easy it is to buy things with PayPal on Etsy (oopsie!), open-mic nights, weekends in Seoul, and of course, losing weight like a madwoman. Next weekend, the last one of the month, should find me curled up in a coffee shop somewhere, finishing up Wuthering Heights, listening to a million This American Life podcasts, and designing more handmade crap to my little heart's content. November will hopefully slow down a little bit, but I've got a few secret projects going on that will be pretty time consuming. And I hope that I'll continue to shrink with all the exercise and healthy eating I'm doing. Christmas Time, here I come! I think it's almost time to pull out the Christmas records. Woot.
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