Let's review, shall we? Let's take a moment to remember the beauty of my big furry kitters.

These pictures were taken last Wednesday before I took them for their appointment to be groomed at the vet. And now, for the big reveal! Miso and Bo are sleek and slimmed down. They aren't suffering in the heat of summer, and we aren't eating as much fur with our meals. Just remember the positives, okay? And keep the negative comments to yourself, because the kitters read the blog.

It took me a few days to get used to their new look, and it took them a few hours to get used to each other again! They just walked around and sniffed and sniffed each other. It was pretty funny. Because they both looked so different and they smelled wonderful! But this time there was no hissing on either end, just curiosity and they slept together that first night in our bed. Which they have continued to do every night since. I love that they're more cuddly now! But I still miss my furry, fat Miso sometimes. But they seem happy and much more comfortable. And most importantly, we're not eating as much fur with every meal. Speaking of meals, I better go get one ready!

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