Feline Dignity

Aren't they gorgeous? Look at their lovely, long, soft, fur. OR NOT. Because that lovely, long soft fur turns into large, unwieldy tumbleweeds that crawl across the floor in every room, congregate in every corner, and attempt to get into all the food. I don't know how much cat hair I eat in a week, but I'm pretty sure it's substantial.

It's summer here. It's hot. And we don't have air conditioning. Yep, I said it. We don't have air conditioning. Korea in the summer is kind of like the South in the summer. Imagine living in Tennessee or Georgia without an air conditioner in your house. Now, we don't live in a house. We live in an apartment and we live on the 7th floor in a 12 story building. Which is good, because it keeps us cool. But we also live facing a gorgeous garden with an entire wall of windows on the veranda. We do have fans in every room, and although it's stuffy when we come home at night, it's not really that hot. But the kitters hang out here everyday and their fur has decided to mutiny. We brush them, we vacuum, we pick hair out of our mouths and noses.

Remember when we shaved Bo in the winter? Well, Kenny is convinced it's the only answer to the fur tumbleweeds taking over the apartment. And if I wasn't so damn tired of trying to cough up tiny hair stuck in my throat, and the cats hadn't begun having frequent hairballs (however, they are incredibly smart cats and only puke up their hairballs on the floor instead of the carpet! Thank you, darlings!), I would refuse. Because they're going to be so ugly. Just so ugly. And Bo's fur isn't even back to normal yet. And Miso is so soft and gorgeous and I love it that she's so furry. The other thing is that to shave them, they have to knock them out, and Miso gets so very sick afterwards. It's pitiful to watch. I almost can't bear the thought of it. Doesn't this photo just scream dignity?

But the HubbO has drawn the line. And honestly, it is hard to keep the house clean. So, I think we're shaving the cats tomorrow. And it's going to be a really sad day. I might cry a little bit. Let's take a moment of silence and remember how beautiful and lovely they are with all their fur....

Oh Kitters! I'm so sorry. I love you and I'm doing this for you. So that you don't have to puke hairballs anymore, so you don't have to chase fur tumbleweeds and eat them anymore, so the HubbO will get off my back about cleaning hair and eating hair and sleeping with hair and wearing hair. There's no turning  back, my lovelies.

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