chubbO does chiaksan: a photo essay

Balance stone upon stone. One for my mother, one for my father, one for my sister.

Envy temple guardian's headress.

Look up.


Tastes as fresh and clean as it looks.

Greet dragon.

Obligatory we were here shot.


Puppy face at the bottom of the mountain.

Surrender heart and go home.


We didn't climb very far. There was still ice on the top of the mountain, though most of the snow had melted, resulting in splendid, clear water. There were these stairs, though. And I thought my legs were going to quit and demand severance pay. We didn't get very far, but it was a beautiful day spent outdoors. And there were plenty of puppies to play with and snap about 50 photos of in 5 minutes or less. It took enormous self-control to post only two of those photos.

I'm remembering last weekend in the shadow of this weekend. Yesterday Kenny and I were called away from an awesome 2S2 meeting in Wonju. We drove to Seoul because his grandmother is extremely sick and expected to die soon. There will be a three day funeral at the hospital in a special room. We will not sleep. I will wear a black hanbok. And then, I assume our family will crash into a bit of grief and a bit of joy and a bit of relief.

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