[What the Crap Wednesday: Wonderful Crap is Happening Edition]

Holy Crap, it's Wednesday! And I'm at work, fixing up my classroom and pre-planning for next semester which starts next Tuesday. Yep, you read that right. I'm AT WORK ON A HOLIDAY. And this isn't the first time, either. Nope. Was all up in here on Monday, too. What the crap? Since when did I become such a dedicated overachiever? Oh, right. Since my birth.

No, really, it's this new girl. (She's not actually new anymore because we got three new guys, so now they're the new guys. Anyway, Saralyn has been here for a while now and she's awesome. She can do math. She can make any kind of form, test, or grid in Word in like 2 seconds and then email it to you as a template. Did I mention she can do math?) Anyway, the new girl is a great teacher. She's taught in so many different countries and she has all these little tricks and rules and guidelines and ideas. And I pretty much just sit next to her, watch her, and then copy everything she does. Pretty much. Anyway, she's making me want to be better. And can I just say What the crap? Because I was all happy being lazy and half-assing my way through everything and forgetting to give tests when I said I would give tests and coming in about 20 minutes before class and then crying about how unprepared I was. I was okay with that. But noooooooooo. Saralyn has to be all "together" and "organized" and right next to me, too. In other words, she's making me look bad. So, I gotta step up the "teacher" game, kids.

On another note entirely, unrelated to teaching English in every way imaginable, Kenny's show opened on Saturday. And there were altogether perhaps between 30-40 people who showed up. It was fabulous. He's had a few offers on some of his pieces, been in two different newspapers, and now we've snagged this TV documentary thing. We met with the writer and producer with a camera this morning at the gallery. Then they kind of followed me around. We're meeting with them again next Saturday. Anyway, all this to say: I'm gonna be on TV, y'all! WHAT. THE. CRAP!

It's not a big deal, actually. And it's kind of funny because the woman keeps instructing us to chat naturally, but she wants Kenny to speak Korean. And finally, I said, "Look. If you want us to chat naturally, that's NOT going to happen in Korean. We speak English." And then she stopped saying that. So, I'm pretty sure none of it is going to be natural. But it's a half hour documentary. It's only showing in Gangwondo, but I'm pretty almost definitely sure I can strong arm a tape or DVD of it out of someone. Obviously so I can make everyone who ever comes over sit down and watch it. And then we'll look at my wedding scrapbook. And then we'll make them look at our traveling pictures and pet our cats. No, I'm kidding. Maybe.

Also, our car comes on Saturday. WOOT. So I'm going to Seoul tomorrow to get my Korean driver's license. I believe What the Crap Wednesday: On The Road editions will become quite frequent. So brace yourself. And book yourself a bus ticket to Wonju if you're in Korea. Because it's really not that far (especially from Seoul. Oh, come on. This country is like 6 hours tall and 5 hours across, y'all. Make the trip.) and Kenny's paintings are well worth it. Hopefully sometime next week I'll have a video tour of the gallery up for all of you outside of the country!

Better get back to work. I've missed you lovelies. Sorry for the silence. It'll probably happen again. You know me...
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