Because I'm Too Tired to Write

Y'all, I am tired. Of a lot of things. Oh, no, not YOU. I didn't mean I was tired of you. What are you thinking? You are about the only thing I'm not weary of. With the exception of the HubbO. Because I miraculously never tire of him. And the kitters. And, since you haven't seen them since the new year rolled around, I thought I'd post a few squee-tastic photos of them. 

Oh, and remember all that stuff about how Bo turned into a happy, social, uncrap cat? Yeah, he was just joking. And for that, he only gets one solo photo. (Not really. It's just that Miso seems to know what a camera is and that I want her to look at me.)

They both love Kenny's backpack. Bo had already claimed it, but Miso wasn't having any of it. She needed a bath and she needed to have it right here.

This is Miso's favorite napping position. You can still see where they shaved her little belly for her surgery. This picture should help you understand why I have to keep myself from squeezing her to death sometimes. She's just that cute. 

More later, my lovelies. I miss you. And I joined the gym. Korean Aerobics Fiasco coming soon!

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